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ICOBank is the new no nonsense token. No impossible projects or promises but a token made for trading. Participate in ICOBank and be automatically part of two distinct airdrop tokens in the future. Each token will be a separate project with its own website, announcement, social media and marketing. In other words less risk and more possibilities for profit with this 3 in 1 token!

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After you buy the tokens sent them back to your wallet and keep them there until the airdrop of 2 distinct tokens! How more ICOBANK you own how bigger cut you will get in the 2 distinct tokens! If you own 1% of ICOBank you will get to own 1% in the future tokens! The 1st token will be airdropped beginning of December and the 2nd will be airdropped the beginning of January.

To get your cut in this 2 future tokens you will need to own at least 50.000 ICOBANK in a wallet! So don’t keep them on Etherdelta but sent them to a ERC20 wallet!

What is ICOBank?

40 %
20 %
20 %
20 %